Antiquity there was a kingdom in West Java called Kutatanggeuhan. Kutatanggeuhan is a prosperous and peaceful kingdom. People live in peace and prosper as led by a wise king. Kutatanggeuhan king named King and queen named Queen Suwartalaya Purbamanah. Unfortunately, King and Queen have not been blessed with offspring, so they always feel lonely. People are very concerned about this situation, because who will replace King and Queen later?
Finally the king decided to meditate. He went to the mountain and found a cave. That’s where he meditated, prayed to God that blessed offspring. After days of King Suwartalaya pray, one day suddenly heard the sound magical.
“Did you really want a descendant of King Suwartalaya?” Said the magical voice.
“Yes! I’d love to have a child! “Said King Suwartalaya.
“All right! Your prayer will be granted. Now go home! “The unseen voice.
King Suwartalaya then went home happily. Sure enough a few weeks later, the Queen was pregnant. All rejoice. Moreover when nine months later the Queen gave birth to a beautiful daughter. He was given the name Princess Rukmini Gilang. Suwartalaya King held a wonderful party to celebrate the birth of their daughter. Gilang Princess Rukmini became the people’s favorite daughter Kutatanggeuhan.
Several years have passed, Gilang Rukmini daughter grow into a beautiful girl. Dear daughter Rukmini Gilang very spoiled and do not behave well, probably because King and Queen are very spoiled. It’s known only child. Whatever was asked by the daughter must be obeyed. If no daughter would be very angry and abusive. But people still loved him. They hope one day the daughter temperament will change by itself.
Another week Gilang Rukmini’s daughter will be seventeen. Suwartalaya King will hold a celebration party at the palace. All the people could come and give prayer for Gilang daughter Rukmini. People get together and plan a special gift for their beloved daughter. Finally it was agreed that they would award a very beautiful necklace. The necklace was made of the best gold and studded with precious stones of various colors. So people willingly set aside their money and collecting it for the cost of making the gift. They call the best goldsmiths in the kingdom to him.
Finally the awaited day arrived. People flocked to the courtyard where the daughter’s birthday party held Gilang Rukmini. In front of the palace had stood a magnificent stage. People cheered as King and Queen up the stage. Especially when it finally Gilang Rukmini daughter out of the palace and waved. People are very excited to see the beautiful princess. The party was held with great fanfare.
Now it’s time for people to present their special gift. They gave the box of gifts to the daughter Gilang Rukmini. King Suwartalaya opened the box and pulled out a colorful necklace is very beautiful and give it to Gilang daughter Rukmini. Gilang daughter Rukmini looked at the necklace with a frown. King Suwartalaya looked at his daughter, “Come on kid, wearing the necklace! That is a sign of love to you people. Do not disappoint them boy! ”
“Yes my daughter. It was a beautiful necklace instead. Let’s wear! Let the people happy, “said the Queen Purbamanah.
“Good for what? This necklace is ugly. The color is tacky, tacky! I do not want to wear it! “Shouted Gilang daughter Rukmini.
He slammed the necklace to the floor until destroyed. Suwartalaya King, Queen Purbamanah and Kutatanggeuhan can only stunned the people witnessed the incident. Then cried the Queen Purbamanah rupture. He was very sad to see her daughter’s behavior. Finally all were brought to tears, until the palace was wet with their tears. They kept crying until the tears they flood the castle, and suddenly out of the ground water was rushing out, more and more. Until eventually submerged Kutatanggeuhan kingdom and created a very beautiful lake.
Now the lake is still one finds in the area of Puncak, West Java. The lake called Telaga Warna, because if the sunny days, the water will reflect sunlight to look colorful. She says it is the reflection of color from the necklace princess Rukmini Gilang


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